There are many situations in which you may wish to insure a vehicle that does not belong to you. You may wish to pursue insurance for a family member or roommate’s car. Insurance Expert, Eric Nelson explains how:

Driving a roommate or family member’s car can be risky business if you’re not covered by his/her insurance plan.  If you’re interested in insuring a car that is not in your name, there are a few requirements you will have to meet.  Eric Nelson suggests a few routes you can pursue if you’re interested in insuring a vehicle you do not own:

  • Co-title the Vehicle

This is essentially a route to co-ownership of the car.  This will qualify you for joint-owners car insurance.  All family members (or roommates) within the household who will be driving the car must be listed on the insurance policy.

  • Non-owner Insurance

This form of insurance is typically dispersed to employees who drive company vehicles.  It protects non-owners who frequently drive a particular vehicle, in the event of an accident.

Additionally, if the vehicle’s owner will allow it, you can be added directly to his/her policy.  This will cover all parties within the policy.  Typically, insurance providers will require that all members of the policy live within the same household.