There is a growing amount of research being done on the mental health crisis going on in the United States. Unsurprisingly, the lack of affordable and widely available mental health counselors match the growing issue of healthcare accessibility in the country. This issue particularly impacts people who do not have health insurance and bears the greatest impact on people of color.

If you’re someone struggling with your mental health and do not have immediate access to a licensed professional, here are the top free mental health resources from around the web.

Image: Pexels

#1: Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a great resource when you’re starting your mental health journey. It is an online and print publication by licensed professionals in the field of psychology, and has a wealth of information. Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, or are curious if you show symptoms of a mental health disorder, Psychology Today also offers a directory of mental health professionals that you can browse or call to see if they are right for you.

#2: Find A Support Group

The Anxiety & Depression Association of America has put together a list of support groups that share common interests and affiliations that may appeal to you depending on what you’re struggling with. 

Most, if not all, of these groups meet at regular intervals and are at no cost to you. Check it out today and find a meeting near you!

#3 Try Meditation

While the thought of sitting perfectly still with your eyes closed can be unnerving to some, it may actually be exactly what you need. If you find yourself anxious and stressed throughout the day, finding even just five minutes of stillness and focusing on deep breathing might be beneficial, and not to mention, totally free.
If you find yourself struggling with your mental health, don’t ignore it. Mental health is very real and very serious. For more information on resources for other areas of your life, follow Eric Nelson’s blog or connect professionally on Crunchbase.