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Top Free Mental Health Resources 

There is a growing amount of research being done on the mental health crisis going on in the United States. Unsurprisingly, the lack of affordable and widely available mental health counselors match the growing issue of healthcare accessibility in the country. This issue particularly impacts…

Eric Nelson temporary car insurance

What is Temporary Car Insurance? 

Temporary auto insurance… for some it’s a myth, for others it’s a legend. For Eric Nelson, Insurance and Financial Services Expert, it’s a complicated matter. In short, temporary car insurance is what it sounds to be: auto insurance that is temporary.  Typically, insurers will use…

Eric Nelson COVID Insurance
Covid-19, Insurance

COVID-19 Travel Insurance 

COVID-19 has trickled into nearly every aspect of our lives. Now, there’s even COVID-specific travel insurance. Eric Nelson, Insurance Expert, dishes on the interesting new package: Your travel insurance generally covers payment protection in the event of unexpected medical issues and storms.. But did you…