In celebration of Juneteenth, 93-year-old Social Justice Advocate, Opal Lee organized a petition. Her goal is to have Juneteenth recognized as a national holiday — and she already has over a million signatures to support her mission!

On Friday, June 19, 2020, Americans in communities across the country celebrated Juneteenth.  The day signifies and commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States.  A celebration of freedom and progress, Juneteenth acts as a reminder of the importance of equal rights — and the incredible journey of empowering POC.

For this year’s celebration, a woman named Opal Lee took to the internet to create a petition to make Juneteenth a national holiday.  A proud and powerful woman of color herself, Opal Lee has advocated for POC for her entire life.  At 93 years of age, she’s still fighting for what’s right!  Celebrities like P. Diddy, Lupita Nyong’o and Jamie Foxx amplified her message by encouraging their fans to sign her petition.  So far, Opal Lee’s ‘Make Juneteenth a National Holiday in 2020’ petition has garnered over one million signatures in support of the cause.