In Missouri, student athletes led a march and rally in support of social justice issues. The event, appropriately named March With Mizzou, is the focus of Social Justice Advocate, Eric Nelson’s ‘Social Justice Shoutout’ this week!

Recently, more and more student athletes are stepping up to shine light on social justice causes.  Eric Nelson has covered a few on his blog so far, including the NCAA’s decision to allow student athletes to brandish their jerseys with social justice causes and an initiative launched by Kellan Grady.  Now, the warm heat of the spotlight is shifting over to incredible student athletes of the University of Missouri!

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, the Mizzou Black Student-Athlete Association of the University of Missouri hosted an event appropriately named March With Mizzou. The rally and march focused much on the subject matter of the nationwide demonstrations for social equality that took place over the summer.  Social Justice Advocate, Eric Nelson looks forward to cheering on the efforts of this new and unique student athlete organization!